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At SparkleLAB, we reimagine the ordinary
We make learning extraordinary

Build strategic alliances with alien planets.
Explore ancient civilizations with mythical creatures of your own design.
Dine with Shakespeare’s villains.
Live to tell the tale.
Meet a wacky troop of robots ready to help you design sustainable cities of the future.

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Reimagining Learning

At SparkleLAB, we believe that learning begins in wonder. Our teams of educators, content experts, designers and technologists work hand in hand to develop playful learning experiences that capture the imagination, nurture creativity, encourage innovation and engineer delight.

Celebrating Play

At SparkleLAB, we believe in the power of play. Our programs provide opportunities for young people to engage in skill-building missions in fantasy worlds filled with quirky characters and lots of adventure. Our instructional design teams take on the role of storytellers and experience architects as they develop learning scenarios that inspire awe, arouse curiosity and give rise to play. Learning is immersive, motivational and fun.


Empowering a Generation of Changemakers

At SparkleLAB, we understand education as an ecosystem and that young people learn across a variety of contexts. Our programs provide young people with opportunities to engage in learning experiences that extend far beyond the classroom. From designing smart home systems that increase energy efficiency to developing low-cost playgrounds for children in low-income communities. SparkleLAB kids are empowered to develop innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing problems and turn the world into a testing ground for their ideas and innovations. From slums to vehicular traffic, dengue outbreaks and natural disasters, the Philippines itself becomes and opportunity for research, development, testing and 21st century learning.


Creating a Generation of Lifelong Learners

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